DMH delegation testifies at LA County Board of Supervisors meeting: Wage increase for all CHWs!

In case you missed it, a delegation of SEIU Local 721 members from the LA County Dept. of Mental Health testified at yesterday’s Board of Supervisors meeting. We arrived bright and early – and stayed all day – to deliver an important message: We demand a wage increase for all CHWs!

Our delegation included SEIU 721 President David Green. He spoke directly with several members of the Board of Supervisors about the importance of not just recruiting new DMH staff but retaining and developing our workforce.

Community Health Workers from DMH are on the frontlines of both our healthcare crisis and our homeless crisis, dealing one-on-one with patients and clients.

“They have the wisdom that comes from experience accumulated over many years,” Green added. “Frontline staff have been overworked and inadequately resourced for many years – especially at DMH. Yet they stayed because of true dedication to the department’s mission. Their experience should be rewarded.”

Ultimately, after hours of waiting, DMH staff spoke directly to the five members of the Board of Supervisors. We wasted no time, making it crystal clear: We want a wage increase for all CHWs!

The sun was setting by the time our delegation left the meeting room but the sun hasn’t set on our fight. We made our voices heard and this fight isn’t over!

We will be making moves in the future to get what we have earned … a wage increase for all CHWs! Stay tuned for more news from our union and never forget that, together, we win!


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