CHS CAT Team meeting resheduled to Thurs., Aug. 10 – RSVP here and let’s get that bonus for all!

We’re still determined to get that BONUS FOR ALL at CHS! And we’re still getting together soon – but our next CAT meeting has been rescheduled!


Thurs., Aug. 10 – 6 PM

On Zoom

RSVP below! After you RSVP, we’ll send you a Zoom link prior to the meeting.

CHS/LASD CAT Team Meeting on Thurs., Aug. 10 - RSVP Here

Fill out the info below and we'll send you a Zoom link prior to the meeting.

To recap: A few weeks ago, SEIU 721 union members showed up to the Board of Supervisors meeting from ALL four main jail sites. Union members from multiple classifications – including nurses, dental assistants, inmate crew leaders and more – spoke to the health and safety concerns in the jails.

We stayed UNITED in our demand to pay the 20% bonus to ALL!

We are now scheduling meetings for union members to meet with individual Supervisors. And our next bargaining session with LA County management is this Wed., Aug. 2.

You will want to get an update from us on the status of these developments. Join us for our next CAT MEETING!

We need everyone there to formulate a winning strategy because, make no mistake, THE FIGHT CONTINUES.




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