LA County: Options annual enrollment is coming up – be prepared

Throughout the month of October, you’ll be able to make changes to your ‘Options” benefits. Though you make your changes now, they’ll go into effect in January – and if you make no changes, your current medical and dental benefits will roll over in the New Year. If you currently have a Health Care or Dependent Care Spending Account, you will need to enroll each year as your enrollment in these benefits will not roll over.

Even if you plan to keep the same benefits, we strongly encourage you to scrutinize your 2024 Options Benefits Changes. Make sure you know exactly what healthcare benefits you and your family are getting, especially since some items you selected may have changed – such as premium rates.

Click here for a full list of 2024 Options Benefits Changes.

Keep an eye out for your enrollment packets in the mail from the County in late September and be sure to review your benefits selections carefully.

No matter what you select, remember: The benefits we’re getting remain, quite literally, some of the best in California’s public sector. It’s all thanks to the bargaining power of our union, SEIU Local 721, and the strength of our members.

Together, we win!