LA Times reports on overcrowding at LA County dog kennels – and the Board of Supervisors’ response is promising.

It’s big news: As the Los Angeles Times is reporting, the LA County Board of Supervisors wants to add more kennels at the Palmdale Animal Care Center. They’ve also asked the Department of Animal Care and Control to consider building temporary kennels and other facilities throughout the county to house more dogs.

These are positive steps in the right direction. As all of us know at the Department of Animal Care and Control, overcrowding is a huge issue – and understaffing is, too.

These latest moves to add more shelter space were made by Supervisor Kathryn Barger and Supervisor Hilda Solis. We at SEIU 721 should strongly support their efforts.

We, the members of SEIU 721, have been sounding the alarm for quite some time on overcrowding and understaffing at LA County animal shelters. So, it’s good to see the Los Angeles Times focus major attention to these issues that directly affect us.

In July of last year, the Los Angeles Times highlighted similar challenges at animal shelters operated by the City of Los Angeles – which is also staffed by fellow members of SEIU 721. The public can see that what happened at animal shelters run by the City of Los Angeles is also happening at the County of Los Angeles.

Now, we’re witnessing a serious response by Supervisors Barger and Solis. More resources at the Department of Animal Care and Control will go a long way toward addressing the overcrowding and understaffing challenges we continue to face.

Let’s keep this momentum going. Together, we win!

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