36 Hour Work Week at LA General? Tell Us What You Think!

ATTN: LA General RNs! Your Union, SEIU 721, has been working with the Department of Health Services on how to operationalize moving LA County’s nurses towards a 36 hour work week. Although there are many obstacles that need to be resolved, we’re pushing forward to make sure DHS knows this is a top priority for our nurses.

One scenario we’re exploring is potentially converting a significant amount of nurses to “0.9 D-Item” status and then renegotiating any potential salary difference. As a D-Item – which is a designation limited to hospital nurses under current County Code – nurses would continue to be full-time employees and would receive full benefits. However, because four fewer hours are worked, they receive 90% of an A-Item’s vacation, holiday, sick leave and bereavement. We’re exploring the possibility of negotiating some sort of financial package to mitigate that impact.

We are using LA General as an example to explore draft staffing models using these “0.9” items as the majority, with some mix of 1.0 items (the current status that includes the 4th shift) and .6 items (part time items).

Please complete the survey below and tell what you think about the 36 hour work week.




This is far from a perfect survey and it is only intended to gauge interest in the schedule. This does not yet address the financial impacts. No names will be collected but we need to know your current work unit to see how this varies by area.

Thank you so much for participating in this important survey. We look forward to hearing what you have to say.

Together, we win!

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Lori Avishay

We need better staff/pt ratios in postpartum at Olive View before better work hours. It is very unsafe.

Nina Delgado

That reads like a lose lose situation for nursing ! Leaving them short and “ renegotiating “ we know how long and fail prone that has been in the past all while DHS benefits by saving $ the big buck ! It’s a No for me and most of my colleague’s!!!! We seem to be traveling back ! Rather than forward ! Comparing to LA general ? I believe it’s apples and oranges. We prefer to work 5 day weeks ! Rather than risk losing what we already barely can get by with ! 10% loss is Billions of dollars… Read more »

Joe Mackley

Sounds like a horrible idea. This only works if it maintains full pay and benefits. Doable because we are so underpaid in the market. First, let’s get an across the board raise comparable to others over the last 3 years. UAW, pilots Etc. Then stamp out travelers and private service contracts, say anytime a threshold such as 20% is exceeded we get a $25/hour raise until it is resolved. Call it a loyalty to patients differential. Then a hazard pay of $50/hour anytime a health emergency is declared, PPE standards are increased above current norms in any unit or specific… Read more »


We are already under paid when compare with other hospitals, union should work to improve our pay instead of cutting it.