Don’t forget: Library Security Strategy Session TODAY, Mon., Feb. 5 at 6 PM via Zoom. Be there!

This is a friendly reminder that we will be meeting TODAY  on Mon., Feb. 5 at 6 PM via Zoom  for a Library Security Strategy Session and we’re hoping to see everyone there.

Job safety is a huge issue for us. Yet it’s one that Management has failed to resolve. The bottom line is that we need Security Guards at all high-risk libraries – and if we wait for Management to take action, we’ll never get them.

We need to do it ourselves. Join us!


Library Security Strategy Session

Mon., Feb. 5 from 6 PM to 8 PM

Via Zoom

Meeting ID: 881 4125 7206
Passcode: 752591


Management says there just isn’t any funding to keep us safe on the job. We think they’ve failed to persuade the Board of Supervisors, even though there’s a compelling case to be made.

We know the Supervisors value every single public library in their respective districts. They’ve invested millions of dollars to build new libraries wherever possible – and we operate an array of programs throughout our libraries for patrons of all ages and interests.

As all of us proudly know, the LA County Library recently was one of eight recipients to receive the National Medal for Museum and Library Service, complete with a special award ceremony at the White House. Our incredible library system deserves to be protected, along with the patrons who enjoy it and the people who run it. THAT’S US!

The last thing we need is for a serious safety incident to take place. Not only would it overshadow all our hard work and progress – the incident would be tragic in and of itself, and we know it would have been largely preventable.

Let’s make the case to the Board of Supervisors now and compel them to find the funding. Let’s strategize together on how we can best achieve our goal. And let’s meet up on Zoom for our union’s Library Security Strategy Session TODAY on Mon., Feb. 5 at 6 PM.

Together, we win!

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