The COVID-19 pandemic illuminates how critically the tens of millions of men, women and children living throughout Southern California rely on our healthcare network. Nurses, nurse practitioners, RNs, doctors, phlebotomists, radiologists, technicians, cardiologists and health care workers of all stripes – our presence on the frontlines is vital. It is nurses and health workers who have sounded the alarm on everything from the need for more protective gear to the urgency for more effective COVID-19 policies, literally saving lives. As the Coronavirus pandemic impacts the healthcare field like never before, our union is here for you by providing the most up-to-date COVID-19 information for members working as Nurses and Health Workers here.
COVID-19 UPDATE for EVS Workers @ LAC+USC - Attn: Environmental Services Workers at LAC+USC: As the COVID-19 crisis intensifies, our union is determined to make sure our members are protected in order to continue providing the safest and highest quality patient care. EVS workers are a key component on the frontlines of patient care  – and you deserve safety … Read More
SEIU 721 Delivers on PPE for Nurses and All Healthcare workers in DHS LA Co!! - Just days ago, SEIU 721 frontline medical professionals alerted the general the press and general public about the lack of access to critical Personal Protection Equipment including N95 masks. Today we are proud to inform you of an amazing victory that resulted in a new policy from the Department of … Read More
Nurses Sound Alarm on LA County Department of Health Services’ Refusal to Release Stockpile of N95 Masks Needed to Protect Medical Personnel - Nurses File Complaint with Cal/OSHA and Warn LA County’s Hoarding of Masks and Failure to Provide Frontline Workers with Critical Equipment Risks Public Health and All but Guarantees Spread of COVID-19 Among Patients and Hospital Staff LA County frontline healthcare workers represented by SEIU 721 are sounding the alarm and … Read More
SEIU 721 Members, Tell Your Senators to Protect All Workers! - As you know SEIU members and other service sector workers are coming together across the country in response to the COVID-19 pandemic to call on elected officials and corporate and industry leaders to #ProtectAllWorkers by ensuring the health, safety and financial security of ALL working people. Times of national emergency require us all … Read More