No matter where you work in California or who your employer is, your ability to report suspected incidents of waste, fraud and illegal activities in your workplace or other misconduct by employees, contractors and vendors is protected by law.

You should be confident in your ability to make a report to your supervisor or an anonymous report. If your employer retaliates against you, the employer may be required to reinstate your employment and work benefits, pay lost wages and take other measures to compensate you.

Protection for all workers
California labor law
Public policy of the state of California encourages employees to notify an appropriate government or law enforcement agency when they have reason to believe their employer is violating a state or federal statute, or violating or not complying with a state or federal rule or regulation.

Protection for public employees
City of Los Angeles
Los Angeles Municipal Code 49.5.4 grants protection of city employees against retaliation for reporting fraud, waste or misuse of position, or other violations inconsistent with city policies and regulations.

County of Los Angeles
Los Angeles County Code 5.02.060 prohibits retaliation against county employees for reporting fraud, waste, or misuse of county resources.

State of California
The California Whistleblower Protection Act protects every state employee who files a complaint from suffering any retaliation by his or her state employer for having made the complaint. Full text of the law: Search here for California Government Code Section 8548-8548.5.