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NLACRC COLA Increasing From 2% to 15% - Thanks to the tireless efforts of our Union Stewards and Leaders, we have successfully secured a side letter agreement with North LA County Regional Center (NLACRC) increasing our Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) from a mere 2% to an impressive 15%! All NLACRC employees will receive this COLA increase, which … Read More
Harbor Regional Center Side Letter -
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NLACRC 2023-2028 Contract FAQs - On February 17th, 2023, North LA County Regional Center members ratified the NLACRC 2023-2028 contract, locking in the biggest cash increase at the center in over 10 years, two new paid holidays, improved health and vision benefits, and more! But what does that mean for members? We scoured the new Contract … Read More
BREAKING: We’ve reached a Tentative Agreement with NLACRC - After months of hard-fought negotiations with NLACRC management, our bargaining team reached a tentative agreement this evening on a new contract that values our work, our families, and the clients we serve. Make no mistake, we only reached tentative agreement this evening thanks to the on-the-ground organizing and action of … Read More