Southern California’s inland regions have developed tremendously – and, naturally, public services have risen to meet the people’s demands. In Riverside and in San Bernardino, the members of SEIU 721 are a critical part of this burgeoning workforce. We raise up Riverside and make San Bernardino run – keeping the hospital system functioning, making sure the legal system moves forward, connecting families to the resources they need and maintaining the roads for everyone. As the Coronavirus epidemic affects us, we can count on our union to offer the latest COVID-19 news for members working in Riverside and San Bernardino here.

COVID-19 Update for Riverside County DPSS - The following update from our meet and confers with Riverside County applies to DPSS workers. 1. More sanitizing items available for members: The Department will have a control point person at each region that will micromanage current supplies. The department is having a hard time looking for supplies (due to the shortage) … Read More
COVID-19 Update for County of Riverside - SEIU participated in a meet and confer with Riverside County to discuss latest developments surrounding COVID–19. One of the items of discussion was implementation of FFCRA (Families First Coronavirus Response Act) which allows leave time in the event you or someone you care for becomes symptomatic of or tests positive for … Read More
COVID-19 Update for City of Riverside - SEIU 721 continues to meet and confer with the City of Riverside to discuss the latest developments surrounding COVID–19. Here are the latest updates. Closures and Service Interruptions: Employees will remain in full paid status during facility closures or service interruptions in response to the COVID-19 emergency. Sanitation Employers will ensure that hand-washing and … Read More