City of Ventura Workers to Begin Preparing for Negotiations

Contracts will be expiring for the majority of City of Ventura SEIU members on June 30.   In addition, the City has requested to reopen contracts and discuss continuing last year's concessions that it had with all city workers in response to the City's budget deficit. SEIU 721 represents almost 400 employees in the City of Ventura. 

Laurie Hixon_City of Ventura_80x80.jpg"We need to choose our priorities as we prepare for this year's negotiations.  Some of the City's recent decisions have been shortsighted and don't take into consideration the impact to services or workers.  Please take a few moments and download the survey and fax or turn it in by April 16th" Laurie Hixon, Senior Fire Inspector/City of Ventura.

Last year, SEIU members took a 6% pay cut (combination of furlough and temporary wage cut) for 15 months in order to save jobs and preserve services when the City had a budget deficit.  This was not a decision workers made lightly but was the only option that could help save jobs and services.

A & G Bargaining Survey 2010.pdf

S & Q Bargaining Survey 2010.pdf

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