Choosing a Leader for Working Families in LA City Council District 15

SEIU 721 will be hosting a town hall on Wednesday, August 3 at 6:00 p.m. to make a recommendation for the next Los Angeles City Councilmember for District 15.  The seat became available after Janice Hahn was successful at her run for U.S. Congressional District 36.

Michael-Hunt_LAOCCities_80x80.jpg“I know it’s important to nominate a candidate who supports middle class families and the work that we do.  Please join me at the Town Hall and get involved.” Michael Hunt, Transportation Engineer/Los Angeles

In order for candidates to receive a recommendation and/or endorsement, candidates must complete a questionnaire, participate in the town hall and learn about the public services SEIU 721 members provide. 

Listed below are the confirmed candidates for August 3 (click on their names or link provided for more information on each candidate):
Joe Buscaino

Justin Brimmer

Warren Furutani

David Greene

Pat McOsker

Click here to read a poll about CD 15 conducted by Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz and Associates.

Mark your calendars for Wednesday, August 3 and RSVP by clicking on this link.

0 responses to “Choosing a Leader for Working Families in LA City Council District 15

  1. I concur with Michael Hunt. We want to elect someone who resolves the needs of the citizens of District 15, as well as those of the various industries. District 15 has a kind of uniqueness that demands strong leadership, transparent government/community relations along with a vision of economic growth that encompasses its jurisdiction.

  2. I hope the members of Local 721 choose very carefully in their endorsement. Speaking from personal experience, McOsker lacks character and integrity and has disenfrachised a huge portion of the membership at the fire department’s own union. Many of his own members are personally supporting other candidates in this race. Warren Furutani has a proven record of being very labor friendly, he has significant financial backing, and 200,000 Teamsters already endorsed him. Please pick your candidate wisely!

  3. An Open Letter to President Bob Schoonover

    August 2, 2011

    Bob Schoonover, President
    SEIU Local 721
    500 S. Virgil Avenue
    Los Angeles, CA 90010

    Dear President Schoonover:

    United Firefighters of Los Angeles City (UFLAC) Local 112 President Pat McOsker is scheduled to appear at SEIU 721’s L.A. City Council District 15 Town Hall Meeting on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. We urge you in the strongest of terms to avoid any endorsement of Candidate McOsker, as he is campaigning with considerable indifference to the members of UFLAC and does not have our endorsement or support.

    In November 2010 President McOsker won a 3-way race for his UFLAC post with less than 36% of the membership’s vote – by no means a majority or close to a mandate. Seven months later a majority of the UFLAC Executive Board and an outspoken majority of our membership have clearly communicated their wishes to Brother McOsker: Feel free to run for public office but not while you’re the sitting president of our Union. We deserve better!

    Brother McOsker has refused to step down, refused to take a leave of absence, and has shown total disdain – sometimes in graphic and vulgar terms – for his Executive Board and membership by sticking to his political agenda despite our vocal disapproval. It has come to the point that Brother McOsker, by virtue of his own actions, may find obtaining an endorsement from his own union impossible now even if he were to surprisingly step down, regardless of the way his campaign staff frames it in the media.

    On July 27 the UFLAC Membership voted with 95% agreement for a non-endorsement in the CD-15. Mr. McOsker has tried to spin this in the media as, “a small faction within our Union (launching) an effort to sabotage” his campaign.

    SEIU 721 has a long history and knows the pains of internal union struggles. Your union has stood strong and battled through those times to become even stronger. As an allied organization – one that represents members of the fire department labor family – we ask you to honor the wishes of our majority and not reward Candidate McOsker with your endorsement and campaign financing.

    Unions sometimes disagree on political endorsements; it happens, is not done lightly, and typically has more to do with personal relationships than labor alliances. Unfortunately, any money given to McOsker may as well be tossed in the furnace. We urge you to go “open” for the CD-15 Primary and then endorse a highly qualified candidate in the General Election who is a friend of Labor and demonstrates true leadership and solidarity.


    Dissatisfied Members of United Firefighters Local 112

    CC: SEIU 721 Executive Board; Steve Matthews (Exec. Director);
    Gilda Valdez (Chief of Staff); Marla Larrave (Host)