211 LA County Workers Rally For a Fair Contract

On August 18, 2011 elected officials, community allies, and workers from across LA County rallied in support of 211 LA County workers negotiating a new contract.

211 workers provide essential 24/7 information and referral services to the residents of Los Angeles County seeking assistance with finding a food bank, locating temporary and emergency housing, requesting income assistance, needing public health information, and seeking other key social services.

211 workers have been working without a contract since June 30 and have been struggling to reach a fair settlement with 211 administration.

Assemblymember Mike Eng stood with SEIU members including  the Mayor of El Monte, Andre Quintero,  to express their support of 211 Community Resource Advisors  and emphasized the tremendous contribution 211 workers have made  serving the community for the past 30 years.   They both called on 211 management to give workers a fair contract that values their service to county residents.

Other speakers included The Rev. Carissa Baldwin of All Saints Church Pasadena, Pastor David Farley of Echo Park United Methodist Church, 721 President Bob Schoonover and Vice President Linda Dent who spoke about the importance supporting the efforts of the bargaining team to keep negotiations with management moving in the right direction.  The current proposal from 211 management would cut wages for a majority of the staff and eliminate wage step increases.

Teresa McKee.JPG
“I’ve worked her at 211 LA County for 26 years. Past bargaining is the reason that we have the step increases and wages that we have now, we aren’t asking for anything additional, we just want to be paid for what our work is worth.”
– Terry McKeen, Community Resource Advisor

Many of 211 workers already have two jobs, and like many other people in this economy, are struggling to make ends meet. Management has proposed wage cuts that would create hardships for our families.

Pablo Garcia.JPG
“The proposal by management is indicative of where their priorities are. We know in this economy we cannot expect raises but I was shocked at the types of cuts they want to make for the workers and the workers only”
– Pablo Garcia, Community Resource Advisor