Community Rallies to Rescue Clinica Romero from Closure

Whether Clínica Romero will be able to continue serving the community beyond September is in doubt as an exodus of doctors and other service providers have fled the once proud clinic.

Under Vaquerano’s oversight, the clinic has seen its finances erode as a result of mismanagement, wasteful spending and his refusal to create a financial stabilization plan.

The Founders Committee to Save Clínica Romero(FCSCR) and its community partners are demanding that Vaquerano step aside to allow new leadership to rescue the clinic. The Committee will deliver first-aid kits to the community, which is in dire need of access to vital health services. The Emergency Rescue Plan prepared by the FCSCR triages the steps to stabilize the ailing community clinic.

The community coalition will demand the immediate implementation of the Emergency Rescue Plan and distribute first-aid kits to the clinic and its patients.