LA Traffic Officers Tell City Public Service is a Full-Time Job

Last week, Los Angeles’ Transportation Committee held a hearing on a city plan to deploy part-time traffic officers. SEIU 721 members told the committee that residents will be best served by full-time officers who are committed to their jobs–not at-will temporary workers.  SEIU 721 members also urged the committee to make the part-time positions into full-time positions.
“Flooding the streets with part-time officers is no solution. The City will be adding unaccountable temporary workers who won’t honor the same code of professionalism that we do.”

–Luis Arcieniega,Traffic Officer
What’s Next
Traffic Officers will continue to push hard to make the 47 part-timers who have already been hired full-time city employees. The Personnel Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing on traffic officers on August 8 and SEIU 721 members will be there, determined not to let the city turn their work into a part-time gig.
Personnel Committee Hearing
Monday, August 8@10 am
LA City Hall Room 1050
For more information, contact:
Rudy Guevara 818-455-2477 |
Daren McDaniel 310-347-2349 |
Download a flyer here.