SEIU 721 and LA County Launch Labor Management Health Partnership

Transforming the Los Angeles County health system will mean focusing on the patients and the workers who serve them. That’s why in a historic move SEIU 721 and Los Angeles County have partnered to bring the Unit-Based Team model to the County health system.
On August 5, we launched the first 8 Unit Based Teams. This new approach means managers, workers and physicians will collaborate to solve common issues. This will allow workers dealing directly with the patients to participate in decision making and create a process that will improve the experience of patients and our efforts for infection control.
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“With support from Dr. Katz and other DHS leadership, we know that by listening to each other and making changes based on what front line folks know works and doesn’t work, we will be able to transform our system and grow our safety net.”
–Tamasha Earl, Nursing Attendant, MLK MACC
Hospitals with amazing patient satisfaction and increased safety will be in high demand in 2014 with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act. The Unit Based Team model, once adopted across the County, will transform how LA County provides health services.
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“We must improve our patient experience if we want to survive in 2014 with health care reform. Therefore, it is imperative that we engage in collaborative efforts with front-line staff.”
— Cynthia Oliver, CEO, MLK MACC
Making LA County hospitals competitive with private hospitals not only improves the care of patients but also secures jobs for LA County Health Services workers.
If you have questions or would like to find out more about ways 721 is working with Los Angeles County Health Services contact Nicole Moore at or 213-251-3707.
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  1. I agree 333 % !!! Working together is the WAY to GO !!! It will help both employees and management to solve the REAL PROBLEMS rather than taking the old ways of confrontational politics !!! AMEN !!!