LA City Council Honors Fleet Services

FSTeam400.jpgThe Los Angeles City Council honored the achievements of the city’s Fleet Services division during a City Hall ceremony on Wednesday, March 21.
I am very proud of the professionals who stand here and serve our city,” said Councilman Tony Cárdenas, who presented the division’s employees with a framed council resolution.
JuanRivas80.jpg“The city showed its appreciation for the work we do,” said Heavy Duty Equipment Mechanic Juan Rivas.
The resolution praised the employees of the department, saying they “pride themselves on facilitating an effective maintenance program, often performing safety inspections during non-working hours, which has dramatically reduced the frequency of equipment failures, saved the City money in performing preventative maintenance and ensure that vehicles and equipment are available for the City’s departments when they are needed for.”
Cardenas200.jpgThe resolution also notes the division’s other praiseworthy achievements. The National Association of Fleet Administrators awarded Fleet Services with the 2011 Fleet Sustainability award for their efforts to provide and maintain an environmentally sustainable heavy-duty truck fleet. Also, Fleet Services was named ninth in the nation out of 38,000 eligible public agencies for excellence The 100 Best Fleets.
After Cárdenas spoke, most of the other Councilmen who were present also praised the hard work and dedication of the Fleet Services team. Several acknowledged that, due to staffing cutbacks and hiring freezes, the workers’ achievements are even more noteworthy. “These employees have gone beyond the call of duty,” Cárdenas said.
CarlosVasquez80.jpgCarlos Vasquez, a fleet services welder, said that despite the cutbacks and constant budgetary strains, “We’ve kept up good work. We’re maintaining the fleet and we’re number nine nationally. That gives us a real feeling of pride.”
You can view a slideshow of the City Hall ceremony below.

0 responses to “LA City Council Honors Fleet Services

  1. Walter would be so thrilled even as he continued to fight for more resources for workers. Hoping for a time when we no longer have to do more with less.

  2. Yeah. The city council is so appreciative we do such a good job that they don’t want to give us our agreed to pay increases this year. And if we don’t lay down like dogs, they threaten to lay us off. Yeah. They really care about us. NOT!!

    I’m tired of the hot air and B.S. these politicians blow up our bottoms. This was and is a dog and pony show. Absolutely, General Services/Fleet Services should be proud that we are capable of still functioning well in tough fiscal climate. But these politicians are being given a complete pass when it comes to holding THEM accountable for the terrible fiscal mess THEY GOT US INTO!!

    And where is SEIU in pointing out these politicians for who they are? People that can’t even balance their own checkbooks. Amazing.