I’m supporting Mike Soubirous in Riverside

By Mark Kisselburg
Riverside County Staff Development Officer
As a resident and long-time employee of Riverside County, I have directly seen the impact that our choices at the ballot box have on our working conditions and our quality of life. And that is why I am supporting Mike Soubirous for the Riverside County Board of Supervisors in District 1.
While walking door-to-door each Saturday, I have been spreading Mike’s vision of greater transparency in county government, term limits for supervisors, more accountability and more responsiveness to the public. I am often asked what party Mike is affiliated with, and I tell people that the office of County Supervisor is nonpartisan, but to answer their question, he is a Republican. I further explain that I am a Democrat supporting him and those walking with me, like my co-workers, are of various political persuasions. But we are all convinced that Mike Soubirous is a principled leader who will bring about much needed change on the Board of Supervisors.
It sometimes seems strange to say that I am a Democrat supporting a Republican running against the Democrat currently in office. But that incumbent is Bob Buster, a career politician who appears to believe the position is his for life. Bob Buster has a long history on the Board of not being responsive to residents and county workers. He is also belligerent and disrespectful toward those who attempt to speak up at board meetings.
During our recent contract negotiations, he gave no credence to our member’s struggles. Instead, he used divisive language, disrespected workers who were telling of their hardships and dismissed those stories as being “trumped up.” This is not the leadership we need nor deserve.
I may not always agree with Mike Soubirous  on every issue. But I am convinced that, when in office, he will be trustworthy, aboveboard and will listen to his constituents, treating everyone with respect.i_like_mike_button
The hard-working families of Riverside County need a change in leadership and a new direction to help turn our community around in these difficult economic times. Mike Soubirous is the right man for the job, and that’s why I’m encouraging my co-workers and like-minded residents to support Mike Soubirous with their votes.
Click here to download the June 2 precinct walking flyer.
Click here to view a past precinct walking flyer.
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0 responses to “I’m supporting Mike Soubirous in Riverside

  1. Before you decide who you will vote for on June 5th – for County Supervisor – First District – consider this.

    Bob Buster has vilified Mike Soubirous for accepting the endorsement of the three unions that represent most of the Riverside County employees. Bob has done this because he knows he could NEVER receive the endorsements. However, did you know Bob Buster recently (last week) did seek the endorsement of the Central Labor Council? This coalition of unions represents a large portion of the private sector unions. This means Bob Buster approves of private sector union financial endorsements and money support, just not public union financial endorsements.

    Kevin Jeffries also criticizes and whines about Mike’s union support, but the truth is Kevin Jeffries HAS UNION SUPPORT! The Deputy District Attorneys’ Association has endorsed Kevin. Additionally, Kevin asked LIUNA (Labor International Union of America), for their support and was denied. He asked RSA (Riverside Sheriff’s Association) and was denied. He asked SEIU 721 (Service Employees’ International Union) and was denied UNANIMOUSLY by SEIU 721 members). Kevin Jeffries is attacking Mike Soubirous on this issue because he FAILED to obtain the endorsement of the majority of the public sector unions.
    That’s just sour grapes Kevin – or is it a matter of truthfulness?

    JEFFRIES P.E. 11/27/2011
    One of the worst voting records in the IE, abstaining 158 times last year alone.
    Riverside needs a Board of Supervisors who is active, passionate, involved, approachable and accessible.
    Additionally we need a B.O.S. who works for his pay and does the job he is being paid by the tax payers to do.

    Remember, Bob Buster sought and accepted union support in the past with a promise of Fair and Equal Treatment. However, when you tell the employees to “LOWER YOUR STANDARDS” while you continue to take a huge salary, 401A retirement plan, and over $12,000 in committee stipends, you lose trust and credibility.

    HEY HEY – HO HO, Bob!

    Mike Soubirous is clearly the choice of public employees, fire, law enforcement. These are the folks that protect our children, elderly and disabled citizens, the people who fix and maintain our roads, our healthcare providers, the nurses, doctors, the emergency response crews, Technicians, Accountants, Mechanics, Dispatchers, Food service, Facilities and Custodial. Your neighbors and family.
    Both of the other candidates criticize Mike for what he will receive in retirement and the respect he has gained throughout his career.

    Bob Buster’s pension will exceed $150,000.00 a year when he retires. He will spike his salary and will walk away a burden to tax payers for the rest of his life.
    Buster approved the 3% at 60 pension plan in 2002 in order for his office and ranking county managers to obtain the same with no caps. Now he is calling the workers greedy for accepting what he choreographed for himself years ago.
    He designed this condition and now wants to vilify the county workers for accepting it.
    Bob throws Bombs.
    Mike Builds Bridges!
    On June 5th your choice is clear:VOTE FOR MIKE SOUBIROUS

  2. My daughter was in the room when the candidates were interviewed and she remembers Jefferies saying Mike already had numerous union groups backing him. She says Jefferies was a very nice gentleman but that he never really did ask those in the room for the official endorsement. He only said he would treat all employees with respect.

  3. Well said Mark and Rick! Mike Soubirous is the obvious and the only choice. Elected officials like Buster need to be voted out of office. He is not respectful to county workers, nor does he treat his contituents with respect. You can see proof of that by watching some of the old BOS meetings. Anyone who can be disrespectful to the elderly should definitely not be a public servant.

    Help Mike build bridges – stand with him, vote for him on June 5th!