Oxnard Members: “Where’s Our Raise?”

collage-City-Council.jpgMembers speak out at the Oxnard City Council meeting on Interim City Manager’s proposed 10% raise.
Dozens of SEIU 721 members packed the June 12 city council meeting where the council was to consider giving Interim City Manager Karen Burnham a 10% raise retroactive to February 7, 2012. Members demanded to know why a 10% raise should be granted while the city pleads poverty at the bargaining table.
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“Other Oxnard workers have been doing multiple jobs for years. Looking at pay per job classifications is a good thing but this should apply to all city employees.”
-Rhea Voll, Chapter Board President, GIS Technician, City of Oxnard
Several council members said that all employees taking on additional duties should be paid accordingly. This should include SEIU 721 members! Contact Danny Carrillo if you believe you are working out of class or need to be made whole.

View video of the City Council meeting
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Make sure you attend as many all-hands membership meetings as possible. The next meeting for members is Tuesday June 19 at noon at the downtown library. Check the union bulletin board for future meetings.
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