Defend Your Benefits – Ratify the Tentative Agreement

The Bargaining Policy Committee (BPC) fought hard to defend fringe benefits and protect pensions. On July 2, our BPC reached a Tentative Agreement (TA) with the County of Los Angeles for a new one-year fringe benefits agreement!
Now it’s up to you to defend fringe benefits and protect pensions by voting yes and returning your ballot before August 16.  The BPC recommends YES to ACCEPT the Fringe Benefits Contract and YES to ACCEPT the one-year unit contract extension.
WEB-BPC-Members.jpgThe TA includes a 7.2% increase in the County’s contribution for health benefits ($47 per month for single, $86 for two-party, and $102 for families).  This is more than enough to offset the 2013 HMO premium increases, so Local 721 members will see higher take-home pay starting in January. The agreement includes no changes in retirement, so at least for now, the County has backed away from proposals to reduce pensions or retiree medical benefits.
“The contract fully covers healthcare costs and will protect our pensions – most of us will even get some money back in our paychecks.  Accepting the contract is the first step in our two-year plan to get raises in 2013.”

-Linda Dent, Chair of the Bargaining Policy Committee
Bargaining Policy Committee members, Continuous Action Team members and SEIU 721 LA County members are invited to assist with the 2012-2013 Contract Ballot Count.
When:  Thursday, August 16Where: SEIU 721 Auditorium1545 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90017Time:    Counting starts at 6 PMA simple dinner will be provided at 5 PM – Please RSVP for the dinner here.
Remember – your ballot must be received before August 16 to be counted.  If you have any questions or need a ballot, please contact the Member Connection at 877-721-4YOU (721-4968)

VOTE YES to accept the TA – and – Return your ballot today.

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