401 Not OK Campaign Kick-Off

The 1% are at it again. Multi-millionaire Richard Riordan and his billionaire friends are leading the attack against city workers. They are spending millions to place an initiative on the May 2013 ballot that would slash our retirement benefits and replace them with risky, costly 401(k) plans.
Join hundreds of union members and community allies this Saturday as we kick off the campaign to stop Riordan from qualifying his pension-slashing ballot initiative.
Saturday, Nov. 17
10:00 a.m.
SEIU 721
1545 Wilshire Blvd.
Los Angeles 90017

Download a flyer.

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We’ll rally, BBQ and then hit the streets as “Riordan Signature Busters” to urge people not to sign Riordan’s petition. He needs to gather 255,000 signatures from LA voters by Dec. 7. We can stop him and save our pensions.
It’s time for all members to get energized and join this fight. Be ready to volunteer this Saturday!
Call the 721 Rapid Response Hotline: (877) 721-4968 to join the Riordan Signature Busters.
In unity,
Andy Morales,
LA city trash truck driver

0 responses to “401 Not OK Campaign Kick-Off

  1. We need to quit using our public workers as the scapegoats in our budget woes. Most of the problems were caused by corporate America and our public employees should not have to be marginalized in order fix the mess.