Take the Survey to Protect Social Workers

What’s going on?
LA County social workers are getting parking tickets because LA DOT management doesn’t honor our parking placards after 7 p.m., even though child abuse investigations happen 24/7.
Our union brothers and sisters, who are LA city traffic officers, have joined with us to change this policy. Together, we’ve distributed flyers, testified before the City Council’s Transportation Committee and written letters and emails to LA DOT managers.
What’s Next?
Because of our united efforts, LA DOT is conducting a survey of city-issued placard holders so they can create better policies and procedures for placard use after 7 p.m. If you are a placard holder, we need your input.
Take the survey.
The results will help LA DOT craft a new policy that doesn’t penalize us for doing our jobs. Please complete the survey by Dec. 15 and ask your co-workers to fill it out too.
“SEIU 721 members have worked hard to fix this. Now we have the chance to get a fair parking policy for public workers in LA. Everyone affected should fill out this survey.”
-David Green, LA County Social Worker and SEIU 721 Executive Board Member
If you have questions about the survey, call (877) 721-4968. Remember, fill out the survey