Santa Barbara County Members Win a New Contract

congrats-card-3.jpgSEIU 721 members in Santa Barbara County have a new contract after a year of working without one. The Santa Barbara County Board of Supervisors unanimously voted on December 4, 2012 to approve the Memorandum of Understanding.
“The hard work of the bargaining team and the membership helped lead to the approval of this contract. I’m glad we were able to work together to make this finally happen.”
-Rey Ybarra, Bargaining Committee Chair, Eligibility Worker, Santa Barbara County
After several months of negotiations, members reached an agreement with the County that includes several improvements in contract language.  Those improvements include:
  • Expanded alternative work schedules plus job sharing language;
  • A formal mediation process to appeal less than satisfactory performance evaluations;
  • An improved process to request use of admin time off for exempt employees;
  • An economic reopener in June 2013;
  • Members pushed back against a 40 hour furlough purposed by management;
  • Salary placement review of two jobs series per year. 

The new Memorandum of Understanding is effective from November 13, 2012 through June 22, 2014.

Congratulate Santa Barbara County workers with this online card. Your support matters!
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