DWP Security Officers on the Move

DWP-security-officersx595.jpgMore than a dozen LA DWP Security Officers turned out for the first Executive Employee Relations Committee meeting of the year, on Jan. 8, to urge city leaders to approve their contract. SEIU 721 members packed the small City Hall room, delivering their message directly to the committee members, including Mayor Villaraigosa.
LA’s City Administrative Officer, Miguel Santana, was also at the meeting. His recommendation to the EERC is holding up the tentative agreement negotiated between Security Officers and DWP management.   
“We negotiated for two years and came to an agreement. Both sides made sacrifices to get it done. Blocking our contract isn’t helping DWP or the city function. In fact, it is putting city services at risk.
-Traci Tapp, DWP Security Officer and Negotiating Team Member

“I’ve worked at DWP for over 30 years now. I’ve seen a lot of things, but this hasn’t happened to me before. The EERC should do what’s right and honor the contract we negotiated.
-Paul Ramey, DWP Security Officer

DWP Security Officers have vowed to take more actions in the coming days and weeks until they get their contract in place.
Download a flyer to post at your worksite.
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