Gold Coast Transit Members Win Increased Contributions to Health Benefits

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Bus Operator Dither Vega submits his ballot.
SEIU 721 members at Gold Coast Transit who have health care benefits through Gold Coast Transit will see more money in their upcoming paychecks.
That’s because the GCT Board voted on Feb. 6 to approve an amendment to the existing Memorandum of Understanding calling for GCT to pay a higher percentage of health benefit costs.
“I’m here today to urge the Board to approve the SEIU 721 proposal where we ask Gold Coast Transit to increase health premium contributions,” SEIU 721 Bargaining Team member Roger Stephens told the Board. 
“We think this proposal is reasonable and that it is evidence that we are here to work together in this partnership,” Stephens continued. 
Stephens is 
a transit maintenance materials specialist.

SEIU 721 members voted overwhelmingly to approve a contract re-opener agreement on Feb. 4. 
Congratulations to all, especially the 2012-2013 Bargaining Team: Joe Ayala, Alex Dinkel, Anthony “Tony” Lopez, Romulo Ramos, Roger Stephens, Miguel Valdes, Laura Espinosa (Lead Worksite Organizer) and Aram Agdaian (Chief Negotiator).
What’s Next?
The contract with Gold Coast Transit will expire on October 31, 2013. At that time, the bargaining team will take up the issue of salaries.
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