Santa Barbara County Open House a Big Hit

sb-county-group.jpgSEIU Local 721 members who work for Santa Barbara County celebrated a new year and a new contract at a Mardi Gras-themed Open House in Orcutt, near Santa Maria, where most Santa Barbara County members work.
There was a real family environment as members brought their children to the Open House. The night was a mix of union business, announcements, fun and music.
Pamela Meadows_Santa Barbra_80x80.jpg
“It’s important for us to gather and gear up for the rest of the year,” Pamela Meadows, a Santa Barbara County bargaining member said at the Open House. “Hopefully the fun and excitement of tonight will carry on to our next election and onto bargaining.”
Santa Barbara County members were visited by Executive Board Member Perry Morefield from Ventura County, Tri-Counties Regional Chairman Charles Harrington, Tri-Counties Regional Council member Robert May and by newly appointed Executive Board member Gabriel Gomez. In addition, Santa Maria City Council Member Terry Zuniga stopped by and thanked SEIU 721 members for helping her win.
County of Santa Barbara members will have a chance to bargain a re-opener in the next few months.
Congratulations to the planning committee on a fun event. Here are some of the photos taken at the Open House.
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