SEIU 721 Finds $27.8 Million in Unused City Funds

This week, a major SEIU 721 victory captured headlines in LA. Watch the NBC news video:
By scouring the city’s books, we found more than $27.8 million sitting unused. The money had been appropriated for city departments, but never spent. We pushed City Administrative Officer Miguel Santana to recommend that city departments release the funds and make unspent money available each year.
Come out to Monday’s Budget and Finance Committee meeting to make sure the recommendation moves forward to the City Council. Wear purple to show your union pride!
Monday, Feb. 11, 2 p.m.
Budget and Finance Committee Meeting
City Hall, Room 1010
200 N. Spring Street, LA 90012

“We are happy the CAO has embraced our recommendation on getting city money back into the city’s hands, and we urge the City Council and mayor to adopt it. The city had these funds for years, but wasn’t able to use them. Why not release the funds to get streets and sidewalks repaired? It’s a common-sense solution. Good things happen when the city partners with us to make LA stronger.”
-Charley Mims
LA City Chief Construction Inspector and SEIU 721 Executive Board Member

For more information, contact David Sanders, Regional Director of LA/OC Cities and Districts: (213) 738-8433.

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  1. Great Job SEIU Members to make LA City a better efficient organization and hold people accountable for their actions. Keep the good work going.