LA County CAT Team Turns It Up

On July 27, nearly 500 members of the LA County Contract Action Team (CAT) gathered at the Cathedral in downtown Los Angeles to plan the future of the County Contract Campaign.
Kelley Dixon 80x80.jpg
“The atmosphere in the room was electric. This was a perfect time for us to come together and focus on what’s at stake in this campaign and plan the actions that we’ll have to take to win at the bargaining table.”
-Kelley Dixon, CAT Member, Bargaining Chair 121
Los Angeles County CAT members discussed a number of topics related to bargaining including: 
  • Ensuring that wage increases are front-loaded in the new contract
  • A living wage proposal to raise the living standards of all County residents
  • Longevity bonuses to reward long-term commitment to public service
  • Protecting retiree medical benefits.
  • New limits for contracting out our jobs
  • Preventing the County from shifting healthcare premiums onto employees
  • Lifting the cap on Horizons and dependent care 
  • A rideshare proposal that would save members and the County money while reducing pollution.
CAT members also laid out a plan to make corporations pay their fair share of taxes, which would raise revenues for County services.  
CAT Team members committed to lead the month of action called August Heat!
See pictures from the event below!