Oxnard Members Rally for Fairness and Equity

SEIU 721 members in the City of Oxnard came out to rally and speak at the City Council meeting on September 10. Members have been in bargaining since 2012, but poor leadership from the City is stalling talks.

City negotiators claimed that they were waiting for further guidance on the budget from the City Council, so our members waited in good faith to push ahead with contract talks. But when the City budget came out, there was no indication that any of our salary or other economic gains were being accounted for.

We need answers NOW and are urging the City Council to immediately work with City negotiators.

Meanwhile, 721 members are doing more with less. 70% of City of Oxnard SEIU 721 members are women and the heads of their households.

maria-herrera-150.jpg“So far the City has been silent on our economic proposals. Yet the price of gas and a gallon of milk keep creeping up, making it more difficult for working families to make ends meet.”
-Maria Herrera, SEIU Local 721 member and Admin Secretary III for the City of Oxnard