Tentative Agreement Ratified by City of Riverside Members

riverside-TA-image.jpgOn Wednesday, Oct. 30, SEIU 721 City of Riverside General Unit members voted to approve the tentative agreement that was reached by the bargaining team with City management. 
The tentative agreement is expected to go before the City Council for approval in December. The three year contract, which covers the General Unit, includes increases in salaries and employer contribution to healthcare.
“For over six months our SEIU 721 Riverside City Chapter bargaining team worked diligently in negotiating with City Management to come to an agreement that recognizes our hard working families and the economic recovery that our community is still experiencing. The team is happy that our members have ratified the agreement and we look forward to continuing an open dialogue with management to build a positive and safe environment for our members.”
– Lisa Munoz, SEIU 721 Riverside City Chapter Bargaining Team Chair and Fire Safety Inspector II
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A contract is only good if it is enforced. Have a voice at work, become a steward. Contact a member of the City of Riverside Chapter leadership or SEIU 721 Worksite Organizer Judith Bustamante (323) 356-4901 to find out how.

0 responses to “Tentative Agreement Ratified by City of Riverside Members

  1. Question

    What is the amount of employer contribution to healthcare?

    I would like to know because I am going to be paying 44.00 dollars more a pay check for insurance about $1,056.00 more a year.

    With all the increases in our daily cost of living and not a COLA for many years it will be a hardship on a lot of us to continue paying out more from our paychecks.

    Thank you

    Ann Pangborn

  2. Your article is very misleading, “includes increases in salaries and employer contribution to health care”. After speaking to many employees, there are still a lot of them who do not understand that these “increases in salary” only replaces what will be taken out of their paychecks to cover PERS and nothing more (NOT a COLA) and even with the small drop in healthcare premiums, the premiums are still higher than in the previous year. You’ve made it sound like we are receiving a great contract when in reality we are not. When the City Council approves this contract, it means we will have gone six years without one COLA to help offset the increase in the ever-rising healthcare premiums, gasoline, utility rate increases, groceries, etc. We are falling way behind in being able to keep up with the cost of living day to day. I for one am not pleased with this contract at all.