Contract Update Nov 26, 2013

Again, we can report that we’re making significant progress. New proposals have been exchanged by both sides and the Board of Supervisors have been closely monitoring the situation.¬†Members of the bargaining team have said that they think they’ll have positive news to report tonight, when intensive bargaining concludes.
As soon as we have news to report, we’ll update members by email, by text and online at and on Facebook at
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0 responses to “Contract Update Nov 26, 2013

  1. Why aren’t we getting more info on the “numbers” on the table. The info given is too general and generic. Show me the numbers on the table

  2. Thank You Karen. I also feel like the bargaining updates are too vague and not transparent enough. We need more information to know exactly what kind of progress is being made.

  3. If the county does not increase pay to cover the extra cost of medical coverage or just cover the cost of medical coverage, we should be walking.

    The advantage to the Board is that if they cover the cost of medical coverage, then salaries don’t rise as much, and it helps keep retirement costs down because it doesn’t count towards an employee salary.

  4. Has there been any new progress made at the table after yesterdays bargaining?

    Much thanks to the bargaining team, your efforts are greatly appreciated go Seiu721.

    Happy Thanksgiving


  5. The updates are too generic, I still have no info after the updates. What new proposals are on the table?

  6. All this back and forth doesn’t make any since. How much longer will we have to suffer. I am tried of not having enough funds to live on. However living from payday to payday is very terrible way of life. Than we haven’t had a rise in 6 year is a sin and a shame.

  7. What is the progress?. We been working since September, and nothing had been said about the progress. We know what we want: Ask County to cover the extra cost of the medical coverage.

    Please spell out the progress that was obtained.

    Thanks. Guillermo

  8. It would be nice if there was more information given……updates are meaningless unless specifics were given.

  9. Please provide an update on what the new proposals are and what the county said to the proposals. We are not getting any updates on whats going on except that the bargaining committee didnt agree with what the county offered. We pay our dues and would like to know.

  10. I totally agree with NM. Is this going to be dragged on to 2014? Come on now. We are all asking the same questions and still no answers. We would like some updates. Members want answers!!