Contract Update November 27, 2013

After another long night of intensive bargaining, here is an update on the status of contract negotiations with LA County.
First and foremost, major progress has been made over the last few weeks. In fact, 21 out of 28 of the bargaining units have reached settlement with the County.
However, some individual bargaining units are far from settling, including nurses and social service workers, due to bad-faith bargaining on the part of the County. Many critical issues that impact the children of LA County remain unresolved.
What’s Next?
Next week, we expect to return to the bargaining table. We’ll have specific dates after the Thanksgiving holiday.
In the meantime, it’s clear that we must escalate our actions in certain units. Otherwise these negotiations will continue to drag on and the safety and security of the people we serve will continue to hang in jeopardy.
We expect to have more details of the escalation plan available next week.
In the meantime, have a happy and safe Thanksgiving.