What Are Your Ideas to Lift Up LA?

Tamura-Fatheree_2_memex350.jpgAs you’ve probably seen in the papers and on TV, public sector workers are under attack.

They try to drive a wedge between us and the city residents we serve, but that’s not the real story. We’ve got an opportunity to turn things around.


Take the 2014 Contract Campaign Bargaining Survey. The survey gives SEIU 721 members a chance to think strategically about bargaining proposals and come up with ideas that will lift up our city, our families and our communities.

City workers don’t live on an island–we are parents, volunteers, neighbors, taxpayers and community leaders. We play a critical role in keeping LA clean, safe and livable.

The Bargaining Survey is just the beginning, but it’s an important step.

Tamura-Fatheree_2c80.jpgOur goal is to make this city the best it can possibly be. The survey addresses that
and a lot of other important issues. It’s great that we’re in a union that gives us the opportunity to make our voices heard.”
-Tamura Fatherree, LA City Engineer

Take the survey online here:, or get a copy from your Steward or Worksite organizer.

Get Involved

Get active in your union today. Be on the Bargaining Team (get nominating petitions here) to help secure the best agreement for our city, our families and our communities.

And be sure to text the word lacity to the number 787753 to sign up for text messages. It’s the fastest way to get bargaining updates.

If you have questions, contact the 721 Member Connection: (877) 721-4968.