95% Vote YES to Ratify Contract

8658465765_77f53fa821_c.gifIt’s official.

More than 25,000 LA County SEIU 721 members overwhelmingly voted to ratify a strong, new contract. Well over 95% of those who voted said YES.

2013-2016-EBoard-Bob-Schoonover-80x100.jpg“This contract is a huge step forward for child safety in LA County. It also provides income security for County workers, who deliver high quality services to working families every day. Our members keep our parks clean, protect our drinking water, meet the needs of families and care for the sick at hospitals and clinics.”
-Bob Schoonover, SEIU 721 President

What LA County Members Won:

  • Historic child safety agreements
  • 6% raises over 12 months
  • County coverage of healthcare premium increases
  • $500 in bonuses
  • $200,000 in Rideshare subsidies per year
  • Retirement security

2013-2016-EBoard-David-Green-80x100.jpg“It’s a watershed moment for child safety in LA County. Our contract goes a long way toward making sure that the County’s most vulnerable children will get the attention they deserve. Today, the future seems a little safer and brighter for our children and families.”
-David Green, LA County Children’s Social Worker and SEIU 721 Treasurer

Over the past 18 months, LA County members pulled together and the hard work paid off. This contract will help to improve services for LA County residents, protect workers’ benefits, and provide income security for tens of thousands of families.

Download this flyer to find out exactly when County members will get their raises and bonuses.

For more information, contact your Worksite Organizer or the Member Connection: (877) 721-4968.

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