Date Fair Update: Members Remind Public of Workers’ Rights

riv_co_fair_date_festival_595p.jpgUnder a canopy of date palms and light clouds, SEIU 721 Inland Area members held an information and public education booth at the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival this past weekend. As photographs of Inland workers fluttered in the light breeze, members handed out posters reminding people of the great strides that have been made in the workplace due to the struggle and commitment of union members. Several attendees came by to shake hands with members in solidarity.

riv_co_fair_date_festival_c_curtiss_120p.jpg“I’ve always wanted to go to the Date Festival. Representing SEIU 721 and talking to the public about the jobs we do, was a wonderful experience. I hope more members stop by the SEIU 721 booth. I highly recommend the date shakes and don’t forget to bring a hat.” – Cheryl Curtis, Riverside County Social Services Assistant
Click on the link below to watch a slide show from the Riverside County Fair.

SEIU 721 members will be back at the Fair this coming Saturday and Sunday, Feb. 22 and 23. Mike Hestrin, candidate for Riverside County District Attorney is also scheduled to be in the booth to talk to the community about his candidacy. The booth is located by Gate 6, come by and say Hi!

Winners were announced on our facebook page on Thursday, Feb. 12.

Here is a complete winners list:
Congratulations – Free Riverside County Fair VIP concert tickets go to the following SEIU 721 members and COPE contributors:
Frank Corral – City of Riverside
Missy Castillo – Riverside County
Lola Goetz – City of Palm Springs
Barbara Hunter – City of Riverside
Ricardo Mercado – City of Indio
Maria Martha Moreno – Riverside County
Paul Stalma – City of Indio

Congratulations to the following SEIU 721 members who won free tickets to attend the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival:
Tessie Abbott – Riverside County
Ralph Bravo  Riverside County
Laurie Gehley-Paiz – Riverside County
Michelle Hayashi – RCRMC
Kayla Hockman – Riverside County
Christine Hollis – Riverside County
Shirley Lilly – Riverside County
Peggy Marcelo – Riverside County
Mario Paz – Riverside County
Monique Pierson – LA County
Paul Ramey – LA City
Dennis Upton – City of Indio

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