Vote Elizabeth Greenwood for LACERS Board


LA City members: Retirement Board trustees are responsible for overseeing and investing our money. That’s why re-electing Elizabeth Greenwood to the LACERS Board is so critical. She’s the only candidate who has the knowledge, guts and integrity that we need to protect our future.

Elizabeth Greenwood is a tireless advocate for city workers and our benefits. She took office at LACERS in 2009 during the worst financial crisis of our lives. LACERS had lost over 20% of its value, and panic gripped the city. But Elizabeth helped bring LACERS back from the brink. During her term, LACERS rose from a $9 billion fund to one valued at over $13 billion. She also stands up to politicians and pundits any time they attack our benefits. Elizabeth Greenwood deserves your vote.

Vote-for-Elizabeth-Greenwood-LACERS-2014_1_Page_1x350.jpg“I’m a city worker just like you, and I know we are the backbone of this city. Critics of our retirement system are just wrong–our salaries and benefits are not to blame for LA’s financial problems. We aren’t responsible for bad city management or handing out huge tax breaks to corporations. If you give me your vote, I’ll spend the next five years safeguarding your retirement security and shifting the focus from Wall Street to LA’s streets and neighborhoods.”
–Elizabeth Greenwood, LACERS Board Member

“Liz is smart, strong, tough and has a deep understanding of and commitment to our retirement fund. We absolutely need to re-elect Elizabeth Greenwood for another term on the LACERS Board.”
–Bob Schoonover, President SEIU Local 721

Voting instructions

  • Fill out the identification envelope with your name, mailing address, the last four digits of your social security number, your signature and the date of signing.
  • Enclose the ballot in the completed identification envelope.
  • Enclose the identification envelope containing the ballot in the return envelope.
  • Return by mail or by personal deposit to the City Clerk’s office.

Need a replacement ballot?

  • If you inadvertently spoil a ballot, you may receive a replacement ballot from the City Clerk.
  • If you do not receive your ballot, you may receive a replacement ballot from the City Clerk upon filing a signed affidavit

Greenwood is endorsed by the Coalition of LA City Unions, SEIU Local 721, AFSCME District Council 36, Operating Engineers Local 501, LIUNA Local 777, Teamsters Local 911, and former LACERS trustees Shelley Smith, Charley Mims and Marvin Adams.