VRSD Members Win New Contract

larry-wesson.jpgSEIU Local 721 member and Bargaining Team member, Larry Wesson

SEIU Local 721 members at the Ventura Regional Sanitation District (VRSD) voted to approve the Tentative Agreement on February 26, 2014. The VRSD board voted to approve the Memorandum of Understanding on March 6.

“We were able to win salary increases and other items that are important to our families.”-Larry Wesson, SEIU 721 Bargaining Team member, Heavy Equipment Operator, VRSD

Ventura Regional Sanitation District serves the sanitation needs of more than 600,000 people across Ventura County. SEIU 721 members work at VRSD as Heavy Equipment Operators, Solid Waste Weighmasters, and Solid Waste Maintenance workers.

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