Las Virgenes Municipal Water District Members Urge Board to Stem Flames

LVMWD-council-action.jpgUpdate: Las Virgenes Municipal Water District General Manager David W. Pedersen reported that a statement asking individuals to stop the harassment of District personnel has been issued. The statement was presented at a project community workshop on April 10th and will be presented to the Board at its April 22nd meeting. 

When we fight, we win!

SEIU 721 members from Las Virgenes Municipal Water District (LVMWD) in the Calabasas area made their voices clear at the LVMWD board meeting – “Keep members safe at work.”

The hotly contested “Three Springs” water project in Westlake Villiage is drawing the ire of some neighbors affected by the construction. Worksites are being sabotaged and members are being chastised by residents and they are just doing their work of keeping the water district resources up and running.

Pamm Fair, SEIU 721 Campaign Coordinator/Negotiator, spoke at the Board meeting, urging the Board to issue a statement supporting a safe working environment with the hopes of stemming the tense situation.

howard-marsden.jpg“Long and short term members from all divisions of the agency stood up to show they care for each other and the community.  We are also asking the Board to own not only their decisions, but also the impacts of those decisions on the rank and file as well as our community. Stronger together! “– Howard Marsdsen, Water Treatment Plant Operator II, LVMWD

SEIU 721 will continue to put pressure on the Board to show leadership and help de-escalate the situation so that members can get back to the business of maintaining a safe water system for the community.

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