Ebola: Healthcare Workers Spring Into Action

Nurse_SpringINToFaction_Meme.jpgIn light of the recent contraction of Ebola by a second healthcare worker in the United States, LA County healthcare providers, SEIU Local 721 and LA County Health officials held a press conference to provide an update on their latest information and protection protocols.

“As events related to Ebola in our nation and around the world unfold, it is important to know that there are no suspected or confirmed Ebola cases in Los Angeles County,” said Mitchell Katz, Director Los Angeles County Department of Health Services, “It is our role as public health professionals to remain calm and serve as a source of trusted information during this time.”

The press conference springboards from an initial SEIU Local 721 member-driven briefing on the Ebola crisis and LA County Health’s response. This briefing and press conference launched a series of joint SEIU 721 and LA County Health awareness briefings and communication initiatives that will equip our front line healthcare workers with the ability to manage this crisis with calm and confidence.

“We firmly believe front line healthcare workers are uniquely situated to lead the way to minimize risk and maximize community and caregiver safety,” said Gilda Valdez, SEIU 721 Chief of Staff, “We are taking steps to ensure that our workers are not only receiving the latest information on appropriate protocols but that they are also engaged in the enforcement and adjusting of these protocols as needed.”

As the union of LA County healthcare workers, SEIU Local 721 and LA County Health’s joint response to the Ebola virus focuses on proven public health and infection control practices to prevent both patient and caregiver exposure.

Our goal is to maximize the health and safety of our patients, the public and our dedicated healthcare workers.

100x100_FredatMic_LATimesPic.jpg“We have to remember that Ebola is not the first contagion that LA County Health has had to address. We have been here before, and we rose to the challenge.  Our healthcare workers do this critical risky work every day. Healthcare workers are ready to step up during this crisis. “
– Fred Huicochea 
Registered NurseLAC+USC Health Center

Check out the Ebola Tool Kit here.

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