LA County Health and Ebola

ebola.jpg[photo credit: Center for Disease Control]

Though there are no suspected or confirmed cases of Ebola in Los Angeles County, Ebola is a crisis that the entire world is concerned about. 


We just had the first death from Ebola in U.S., President Obama’s administration put five airports on high alert and the Centers for Disease control is in full effect with preparation training.


Though the greatest tragedies are concentrated in West Africa, we all know that Ebola is literally a plane ride away, and this reality is acutely felt by our healthcare and public health workers.


We recognize healthcare workers feel anxiety around many of the unknowns surrounding this issue. Please know that SEIU Local 721 is taking steps towards ensuring that everyone is being properly informed and assessing needs to protect our health and the health of the communities we live in.


In order to protect members, identify concerns, share best practices and next steps, we have called an urgent meeting. Representatives from DHS and DPH will be in attendance. We are waiting to hear back from DMH.


These experts will provide information about the steps LA County Health Departments are taking to train and communicate with staff.  They are also eager to hear from us about what is and is not working and about recommendations for improving communications and procedures over the coming weeks and months.


When: 10/15/14 (Wednesday)  6pm – 8pm*

Where: SEIU 721 HQ – 1545 Wilshire Blvd 90017

*Dinner will be served. 
Please RSVP with Member Connection:  (877) 721-4968


Please check out the Ebola fact sheet here and regularly check the LA County Health Ebola page  where you can find the latest local information, fact sheets, and guidance.
You can also check out the latest information from the CDC here. 


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