Eligibility Workers Deliver!

When we fight we win! L.A. County Eligibility Workers (EW’s) and Clerical Staff have been speaking out on the alarming number of cases under a system that has yet to catch up.

On Monday, June 22nd their united voices made a difference!

EW’s and Clerical Staff brought the house down at the L.A. County Board of Supervisors amplifying their call for More Faces, Less Cases! We let them know loud and clear, EW’s are stretched beyond thin, and they got the message.

“Those eligibility workers who came and eloquently expressed themselves, let it be appreciated that those sentiments are not lost on this board, particularly this member of the board. It’s important that we do all that we can, the best we can. And your exercising of your rights to express those concerns to us is not only appropriate but in some ways impactful,” said Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas after hearing EW’s powerful testimonials. 

DPSS Director
Sheryl Spiller has committed to adding 245 new Eligibility Workers in July!


This new commitment to more Eligibility Workers is just the beginning. In order for ACA to succeed for L.A. County’s most vulnerable families, it’s critical we decrease the case backlog and ensure everyone has coverage when they most need it.

We have to keep pushing for solutions and speaking out (watch video) so L.A. County can do better!

Stay tuned and involved.

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