San Bernardino County Professionals Bargaining Team Elections

After their successful vote to join SEIU 721, San Bernardino County workers in the Professional Unit have the opportunity to elect a new bargaining team to represent them at table with management.

Members in the Professional bargaining unit will be voting on Thursday, June 11, for their team.

The following SEIU 721 San Bernardino members have been nominated for the Professional Unit Bargaining Team. The total number of seats is seven (7) with two (2) alternates.

Each classifications has the following allocated seats: ARMC – 1, Classifications less than 50 members – 1, Behavior Health – 2, Social Service Practitioner – 3.

Click here to download the candidate’s statements:

Arrowhead Regional Medical Center

Tong, Connie – Speech Therapist
Articulate speaker, aware of current issues and changes that need to be implemented for Allied Health Professionals. Has already been an advocate for ARMC Health Professionals. Good organizational skills.

Behavior Health

Gregoria, Maria – Clinical Therapist II
My name is Maria Gregoria and I am a Clinical Therapist at a busy outpatient clinic.  After the last contract negotiations, I have decided to take action and get involved in the process.  It is important to me that all staff within our unit have a voice.  I also want people to be informed about about what the issues are when we vote.  I will do whatever I can to make sure that happens.

Kumbhani, Shyam – Dr. Psychiatrist
He was an employee rep with SBPEA. He is on the labor-relations committee.

Nguyen, Thuy – Dr. Psychiatrist
Dr. Nguyen is well versed in bargaining via past experience. She has played an integral role in past negotiations and as part of the bargaining team in recent UAPD negotiations.

Padilla, Rachel – Clinical Therapist I
I have been on a bargaining team before so I understand the process.  I am very knowledgable on current needs of county employees. I will continue to be very persistent in ensuring a reasonable contract for all professional unit members.

Classifications with less than 50 members

Castrejon, Melissa – Pediatric Rehab Therapist
Being a minority in this unit, I have experienced many emotions over the last year from helpless to encourage to hopeful. Let me be a representative for that one person who feels invisible. I would like to finish this process with an open mind and connect our diverse unit.

Fitch, Claudette – Pediatric Rehab Therapist
I have worked for the County for over 8 years. I have experience leading and coordinating small groups. Presenting and discussing challenging issues are familiar to me. I am a team player and will work will with the bargaining team. I am not hesitant to be your advocate.

Hauser, Hal -Environmental Health Specialist III
I have been with Environmental Health Services since 1991- 24 years of service.  I have witnessed the erosion of employee rights under SBPEA leadership, and I want to put an end to that trend. Helping to negotiate a new contract for the professional unity is the best way to accomplish this goal.

Ilharreguy, Christi – Pediatric Rehab Therapist

Maniord, Julie – Nutritionist
I am highly motivated to serve the SEIU 721 SB County Professionals because I have been employed as a SB County professional for the Public Health Dept. for the last 18 years and have witnessed the decline in ethics, abuse of power, and unjust treatment of hardworking, dedicated professionals who choose to work for minimal pay because they want to help and care for others.  I believe the 18 years of experience I have gained representing SB County as a public relations liaison, media specialist, professional speaker/write and coordinator of various programs and project (including a 200 member healthcare collaborative) will enable me to come to the bargaining team ready to serve and be a measurable asset

McCormick, Chris – Public Works Engineer II
My name is Christopher McCormick and I am a Public Works Engineer II in the Department of Public Works. I have been employed with the County for a little over 6 years. My biggest strength I would bring to the table is my ability to thoroughly analyze numbers. I will also bring my steadfast resolve and determination to the bargaining table.

Social Service Practitioner

Diaz, Oracio – SSP
I feel I should be selected to service on the SEIU 721 SB County bargaining committee because I believe in SEIU and their ability to win strong contracts.  I believe in the power of collective bargaining and the outcome of collective bargaining.  I’m passionate about the work my colleagues and I do as County employees to serve the Community.  I want to fight through the collective bargaining process for competitive wages, balanced caseloads, and continued support to make it possible to complete the duties we are commissioned to do.  I’m able and willing to sacrifice my time including personal time to fight for a winning and progressive contract.  Si se puede.

Dominguez, Robert – SSP
My name is Robert Dominguez. I am a Social Service Practitioner with Children and Family Services. I believe that it is time for San Bernardino County employees to finally have a contract that represents our needs of our communities. I would like to be on the bargaining team for the professional unit to negotiate a contract that is fair for everyone in our unit and is reflective of our needs now and into the future.  The time is now for San Bernardino County employees to fight for what we all deserve!

Guentert, Darren – SSP
I have a history of bargaining for contracts with SB County, having participated in two. I believe that my “think outside the box” and strategic processing of data and information provided by the County would be highly beneficial to the process. I will not bow down to aggressive stances by the County with their “This is all we can give you” attitudes. I will have everyone’s interest in mind as I bargain for a fair contract.

Jones, Patrick – SSP
Families. The ones we help and, of course, our own families.The county is in a crisis. We are all too overworked to adequately serve the families we work with, and too under compensated to support our own families. I have been an intake worker with CFS for just under three years. I have also been actively involved with SEIU 721 and look forward to continuing the fight as part of the bargaining team.

Mathis, Bernard – SSP
I will share information with staff in a fair and clear manner. I will advocate for all members in the professional bargaining unit. As a 18 year County employee I have seen how the previous Association treated workers and caved into the County of San Bernardino CEO without bargaining for it’s members.  I have reviewed the current Riverside contract and believe it is fair for all parties.

Padilla, Ruben – SSP
Ruben is an excellent and outspoken advocate for all staff.

Salah, Tareef  – SSP
I served as an employee rep for 2 years while we were with SBPEA fighting hard for the rights of County Employees. I was not able to be on the bargaining team in part due to scheduling conflicts but with no caseload I have the availability to focus on bringing us the best contract possible.

Scott, Judyth – SSP
My name is Judyth Scott and I have worked for the County for almost 18 years as a Social Services Practitioner. While there are concerns we all have in common, with multiple classifications represented in the professional unit, there are those of us who also have unique needs.  Therefore, those who are at the table must be willing to work toward understanding and fighting for the needs of all members of the professional unit, I understand that this is a fight that will require determination and perseverance. If given the opportunity, I am not only ready for the challenge, I am eager to go to the bargaining table and fairly represent every one of my unit members.


Vote on Thursday, June 11.For more information, please contact SEIU 721 worksite organizer Bridget Shea at or the Member Connection at (877)721-4YOU.