San Bernardino Superior Court Units to Vote for Bargaining Team

After joining SEIU 721 in the fall, County of San Bernardino Superior Court workers now have the opportunity to elect a new bargaining team to represent them at the table with management.

Members in the Superior Court Services will be voting on Wednesday, June 17, to complete the team.
The seats will be comprised of five (5) members, two (2) of whom are Court Reporters,  and ran unopposed. The three open seats will be: one (1) Judicial Assistant, one (1) Legal Processing Assistant and one (1) next highest vote getter. The election will be held on Wednesday, June 17 at various worksites.

The following SEIU 721 San Bernardino Superior Court members have been nominated for the Superior Court Reporters and Court Services Bargaining Team: 

Gutierrez, Valerie – Judicial Assistant II I want to represent the ideas of the front line workers.  Ensure management makes decisions that mutually benefit both the employees and needs of the court.

Monticue, Kaliska – Legal Processing Assistant II Kaliska is very informative and involved in relaying information to our department during and after SEIU 721 became our union. Kaliska wants to be the voice of the court and her concerns are valid and consist of the concerns of other court employees.

Norton, Patricia – Legal Processing Assistant III have 26 plus years with this Court and I will not allow myself to be a passive bystanders any longer. If SB Courts does not up our benefit package and wages well-trained staff will go elsewhere and we will become a feeder court for all the other counties.

Nuss, Mary “Katie”  –  Judicial Assistant II Let’s make our unit strong! I will always keep everyone informed of the process and where we are during negotiations. I will voice our units concerns and what’s important to us.

Perry, Anthony – System Tech I want to be the kind of rep that helps to make changes at the negotiations meeting and overall make changes for my fellow Court employees. Not only to make changes, but see those changes implemented within our Court environment. Without change there is no progress.

Peterson, Jeanette – Legal Processing Assistant II Jeanette will represent us fairly, and is a willing party.

Silva, Sandy – Legal Processing Assistant IIHello my name is Sandy G. Silva. I am an Administrative Assistant II. I have been working for the courts for 31 years.  I have been a representative in the past for many years. If chosen, I eagerly look forward to working towards resolving whatever issues are brought to my attention.

Taylor, Nicole – Legal Processing Assistant II I feel I am able to speak with many members and they would be confident in my ability to represent their issues/concerns.

Weatherall, Tina-  Legal Processing Assistant IIStand strong, stand firm, stand your truth.

Click here to download the candidate statements.


Vote on Wednesday, June 17.

Organizers will be at all facilities to collect ballots in a secure ballot box.  For more informations, please contact SEIU 721 worksite organizer Bridget Shea at or the Member Connection at (877)721-4YOU.