Some L.A. County employees qualify for a $70 transit stipend!


Transit Subsidies Still Available

If you:

(1)     Are represented by SEIU 721;

(2)     Do not receive the Civic Center Transportation Allowance;

(3)     Purchase your transit passes monthly through the Commuter Benefit Plan (via Wageworks); and

(4)     Spend $70 or more per month on your transit pass

Then you are eligible to receive a $70 subsidy per month as part of the bargaining agreement between SEIU 721 and the County of Los Angeles.  

For those who qualify, the subsidy will be provided until the fund runs out of money.  Participants will be notified in advance as funds become low.  

If you qualify, all you have to do is register and purchase your passes through the Commuter Benefit Plan by calling WageWorks at 877-924-3967.  Wageworks requires that you purchase passes two months in advance.  For example, if you purchase your pass with Wageworks by January 6, 2016, the pass would be good for travel in March 2016.  You would receive the subsidy on your January paycheck to offset the costs of your bus or rail passes, but the pass would not be eligible for travel until March.

Wageworks deducts the cost of monthly passes from your monthly paycheck pretax and the subsidy of $70 offsets that cost.  For example, if you purchase a $100 pass, the subsidy would offset that amount, and only $30 would be deducted from your monthly paycheck.

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