On Pace for an Even Bigger Win for LA County DPSS Workers!


Last year L.A. County’s Eligibility Workers (EW) decided they had enough with the outrageous number of cases per EW and they mobilized to bring lasting changes and won an additional 200 plus EWs. Now comes the news of EW’s setting themselves for an even bigger victory– LA County CEO Employee Relations Department has agreed to coordinate a meeting between SEIU 721 members and DPSS officials in the next 45 days to settle the caseload crisis once and for all.

The news arrives after members successfully filed a Level 2 General Grievance in Character (GGIC) against DPSS over the equitable distribution of cases for Spanish file workers, as well as the alarming volume of cases for all EWs. The breakthrough with the Level 2 GGIC is attributed to member persistence in ensuring their voices are heard. During the “Walk in Our Shoes” efforts with the LA County Supervisors last May, which included a worksite action with DPSS Director Sheryl Spiller, a Level 1 GGIC was filed to no avail ultimately leading to an escalation with a successful Level 2 grievance filed on January 8, 2016.

DPSS’ response to members is a great win for all EWs. EW’s will now have the golden opportunity to work closely with DPSS Administrators to bring the changes needed.

A united voice is proving to be key in making change possible. Over the next couple of weeks it will be critical for EWs to stay united and informed. Now more than ever EW’s must stand together as a strong union and continue speaking out to finally be able to adequately service LA County’s most vulnerable families without being stretched thin.

Together we can raise workplace standards and improve the quality of services needed by some of the most vulnerable families in LA County.

Contact your worksite organizer for more information.

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