95% of San Bernardino Professionals say YES to Tentative Agreement!

95% of us voted in favor of the Tentative Agreement negotiated by our San Bernardino Professionals’ Bargaining Team! Our tireless work over the past year has paid off: We’ve proven that we’re stronger together with SEIU 721. We did it! 

Summary of Tentative Agreement | Full Tentative Agreement |

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With pay raises and restorations, better medical and retirement benefits, new bonuses and allowances, an investment in public services and substantial equities for the majority of Classifications in the Bargaining Unit, as well as stronger grievance procedures to amplify the power of our voice on the job, this is one of the best contracts we’ve negotiated in years:

● 7% salary increase over the course of the three-year contract.

● 7% salary restoration to all members on July 9, 2016, reversing previous pay cuts.

● 7% retirement pick-up effective July 9, 2016.

● 2% longevity pay for members with 15 years of service as of December 2016.

● Additional top step to all classifications at 2.5 percent on July 23, 2016.

● Increases in shift differentials: $1 to $1.20 for Evening; $1.30 to $1.70 for Nighttime. 

● Equity increases for select classifications.

● Increases in medical subsidies.

● Vacation cash out of 60 hours in any employee uses 80 in the previous year.

● $1,000 retention bonus in 2019 for SSPs, Psychiatrists, and other high attrition classes.

● $1,000 professional allowance in year 2 for all members in the unit. 

● Substantial equities for the majority of the Classifications in the Bargaining Unit.

● Stronger grievance procedures.

Summary of Tentative Agreement | Full Tentative Agreement |


After nearly a year of organizing and action, we’ve secured a deal that begins the process of restoring vital San Bernardino County services hobbled by attrition and short-staffing! This Tentative Agreement has pay raises and restorations, greater medical and retirement benefits, additional bonuses and allowances, and real investments in public services and the power of our voice on the job! 

If you have any questions, please contact your respective Worksite Organizer, Union Steward, call our SEIU 721 Member Connection: 1-877-721-4968, or click here to contact us online