Protect Your Ability to Seek Justice #StopGorsuch

Act now to protect the Supreme Court! Neil Gorsuch is anti-worker, anti-Union, pro-corporation, and pro 1%. Call the US Senate to reject his nomination today! 1-855-713-0060

We need to call our Senators and demand they reject the nomination of Judge Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court. Gorsuch has a record of favoring greedy corporations over working families and would help rig the economic and political systems against our members.


The Senate Judiciary Committee recently voted to bring Judge Gorsuch’s nomination to the Senate floor. The first vote is expected April 6. We should keep the pressure on Senators Feinstein and Harris to stand with working families against this nominee!

Please pick up the phone or click here to call 1-855-713-0060 right away!