Vote for David Green, LACERA Board of Investments, and Herman Santos LACERA Board of Retirement, to ensure our pensions are secured and guaranteed!

There’s an election coming up for LA County employees, and this one is really, really important. 

David Green is a social worker, an SEIU 721 member, our Union’s Treasurer, and our endorsed candidate for the LACERA Board of Investments. 

Herman Santos is an attorney at the Public Defender’s Office, an SEIU 721 member, and our endorsed candidate for the LACERA Board of Retirement.

As LA County employees, we need to make sure they win the election! Ballots must be received by Tuesday, August 1st!

✖ Our public sector pensions are under attack, now, more than ever! It’s critical that we as LA County employees, stand up and make our voices heard!

✔ David Green helped lead efforts to get lawmakers and decision-makers to see the light on retirement security! As a member of the 721 Secure Retirement Committee, he was instrumental in passing legislation that will help fortify our pensions! From LA to Sacramento David has tirelessly represented the interests of all County workers!

✔ Herman Santos is a long-time advocate committed to lowering investment fees! As a member of the LACERA Board of Investments since 2004, and Certificated Investor and Fiduciary, Herman has the expertise, and as a County worker who is counting on his pension, he has a stake in the game when it comes to our collective retirement security!

✔ David Green and Herman Santos will continue to fight for us as workers, and for our families as well! The LACERA Board of Investments, and LACERA Board of Retirement, are two of the most important elected bodies fighting for the interests of LA County workers. Our households depend on these election results, and only LA County employees get to vote!

✔ David Green and Herman Santos will help ensure that our pensions are secured and guaranteed! Since being elected as our LACERA representatives, David and Herman have been our champions!

✔ David Green and Herman Santos helped to grow the pension fund for LA County workers from $37 billion to $50 billion! Make sure that you vote for the two SEIU 721 members who have a dog in this fight!

You will receive your ballot in the mail. Please fill in the oval next to David Green’s name for LACERA Board of Investments. Please fill in the oval next to Herman Santos’ name for LACERA Board of Retirement. Put your ballot in the return envelope. Fill out the requested information. And mail it back right away!

Please call the Member Connection 1 (877) 721-4968, for more information, or to update your contact information today!

Together we win!

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