Attention Riverside County DPSS Employees: Don’t Complete that Voluntary Survey

Once again the County of Riverside is going back to their revenue waste tool of choice — hiring bigwig consulting firms to do expensive and unnecessary work.

Now they’ve hired the global giant Gallup, Inc. to conduct a voluntary survey of Riverside County DPSS Workers. If your supervisor or manager insists on you to complete the survey, simply tell them that you will not be an accomplice in the County’s continuous wasteful spending and simply refuse to complete the survey.

The survey is voluntary and yet another example of the County’s misspending. Frontline workers at DPSS have been flagging the issues of high caseloads during contract negotiations, but instead of working with us in good-faith, they’ve opted to consistently take the low road at the bargaining table.

Just last week the County refused mediation with a neutral third-party and also authorized spending of up to $7 million on replacement workers at RUHS instead of sitting down with frontline and hammering out our issues.

The County’s recklessness knows no bounds — don’t encourage their bad habits by taking the survey.