Riverside County Court Decision Update – TUESDAY Sept 5th – 8:30 p.m.

COURT DECISION UPDATE – Tuesday, September 5th @ 8:30PM

First and foremost the unfair practice strike actions scheduled for Wednesday, September 6th and Thursday, September 7th are still legally protected and still moving full speed ahead!

Late Tuesday in court, a Riverside County Judge reaffirmed that the vast majority of SEIU 721 represented members have a legally protected right to strike in response to unfair practices. So get your purple gear ready and join us as we fight to end Riverside County’s chronic law breaking.

As expected, the Judge also ruled that a select number of highly essential employees will not be allowed to participate in the strike actions this week. This is due to their unique role in ensuring public safety.

The County has not yet provided the union the names of those essential employees.  The County may serve those essential employees with the Court’s injunction. Those employees are entitled to personal service of the injunction, which means that someone, typically a process servicer, must present a copy of the ruling to the employee in person.  If you have voluntarily reviewed the injunction, for example as an e-mail attachment, or have had the contents read to you, you are also bound to comply with the injunction.

If you have been individually served with an injunction please notify the union immediately by sending an email to

ALL OTHERS, REPORT TO THE STRIKE LINE AS PLANNED. Everyone is to report to the strike line at 6:30 a.m., except for Hospital Personnel who will report to the strike line after they complete their shift. Do not be dissuaded by rumors or misinformation of you being on “a list.”

Again the Judge ruled that the vast majority of SEIU 721 represented county employees are legally protected to strike.

See you on the strike line! When we fight, we win!

For real-time strike updates text 721RIVCO to 787-753.


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Latisha Lewis
Latisha Lewis

Will the nurses of RUHS be protected if they participate in this strike? We keep getting mixed messages?


An email was sent out late last night, 9:37PM stating in part “Your supervisor will notify you immediately if you are am SEIU employee who may not strike…”


I was served that I want allowed to participate. It seems like those who work with mentally ill in certain locations (detention centers, etc) aren’t allowed to join during our work hours.